How to get there - By Bike

There is a bike park in front of the Lotto Arena – 100m on the left hand-side of the main entrance.

How to get there - Car Parking

For detailed parking information,


Please note that Antwerp is a ‘Low Emission Zone’, which means that old cars are not welcome in the city. To read more about this and check if your car is allowed


How to get there - Park&Ride

All information concerning the Park & Ride parkings.


How to get there - Private bus parking

For all buses: please take Parking “SPOOR OOST”. Walking distance to Sportpaleis: 450 meters. For more details on parking check the briefing sent to all registered buses. If you haven’t announced your bus to us yet, please do so before January 5th 2024. Unannounced buses will have to pay a supplementary parking fee upon arrival.

The following directions are given by Sportpaleis and the local authorities: it is forbidden to drop off/pick up visitors in front of the entrance or nearby Sportpaleis. All buses have to drop off the visitors at Parking “SPOOR OOST” and can wait there during the event. Buses who drop off visitors and leave are also obliged to use Parking “SPOOR OOST”.

After the event, visitors have to go back to Parking “SPOOR OOST”, where the buses are stationed. Note that it is strictly forbidden to collect visitors in front of the entrance or nearby Sportpaleis.

How to get there - by Maximal Trips bus

Soldiers travel together! Take the Maximal Trips bus to Rampage 15 Years and choose from multiple pick-up cities. With the one-way tickets you can easily mix and match your perfect trip for both days, to and from the event. Let Maximal Trips know in case you want to be picked up in another city. Meet fellow travellers and travel easy, safe and cheap to our 15 years celebration.

Check Bus tickets:

How to get there - Public Transport (De Lijn)

Enjoy hassle-free travel to and from the Rampage 2024 Weekend! As a ticket holder, you'll be able to travel for free within Antwerp on show days with 'De Lijn' - this includes all public buses and metro/trams.

For your convenience, there will be connections from Sportpaleis to the Park & Ride parking and the center of Antwerp throughout the night. The first tram (number 3) in the morning, heading towards Merksem/Antwerp, will be available at 5:30 AM. Plan your trip ahead of time by checking the button below.


How to get there - Public Transport (NMBS)

Take the train to Antwerp Central Station. From there, take tram 3 to Merksem and take exit “Sport”. For more information


How to get there - Thalys

Take the THALYS train from Paris France, or Amsterdam, The Netherlands. There is a stop at Central station Antwerp, where you can take Tram 3 to the Sportpaleis. Exit “SPORT”.

How to get there - Eurostar / Eurotunnel

Take the Eurostar from London to Brussels Midi. From there you can take the train to Antwerp Central Station, where you can take Tram 3 to the Sportpaleis, Exit “SPORT”.

How to get there - Car ferry Dover / Calais

Take the Ferry at Dover, UK. Calais, France, you can drive to Antwerp.


How to get there - Airplane

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