Park Inn hotel by Radisson has a lot to offer! There are facilities such as free wi-fi, quick check out service, every room has a locker but there is so much more. They offer a lot of activities and public spaces in the hotel to be able to chill and enjoy your stay there! The check in and out times are the following, you can check in starting from 03.00 PM and check out op until 12.00 PM. If you are interested to stay at this hotel please check their website.

Borsbeeksebrug 34
2600 Antwerp B

How do you get from the hotel to Rampage Weekend?
By tram it will take up till 22 minutes to get to Sportpaleis. You can also go by car if you like which would take 18 minutes or by bike and this would take 15 minutes.

Park Inn Hotel by Radisson - SOLD OUT
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